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24th Oct 2019

Should you have testimonials on your website?

Yes.  Absolutely, unequivocally, yes!

Have you heard of “stranger danger”?  Yep, we were all taught that thing about not trusting anyone we don’t know.

In the online world, testimonials are the antidote to our “stranger danger” indoctrination.  When potential customers see that you have done work for real people, and that they’ve been happy with the result, you are chipping away at their natural tendency to be overly cautious.

As long as your testimonials are authentic (they HAVE TO be authentic), they will lead to a higher conversion rate on your website.  You won’t have to work quite so hard to win pitches, because the testimonials will take care of quite a bit of the heavy lifting for you.

Video testimonials, if you can get them, are fantastic.  There’s no arguing with high definition audio-visual.  Failing that, do try to add a photograph to the testimonial.  This adds a human element and makes it more personal and believable.

The question about testimonials that we are asked most often is this:  “but how do we get them?”  The answer is simple.  Just ASK for them!

In my mind’s eye I can see the nay-sayers lining up to tell me just how difficult it is to get clients to write testimonials.


“Our clients don’t have time!”

“I don’t want to bother her.”

“I’ve asked and they keep promising but I just don’t get it.”

“I really don’t want to be a nag.”

“Maybe there weren’t that happy after all.”

“It’s too late to ask now – it’s been 3 months!”


OK, so the reality is that it isn’t as easy as just asking.  Sometimes we have to get creative about finagling those precious testimonials from our very (rightly so) appreciative clients.


The following tips may yield better results than just asking:

  • Make requesting a testimonial part of your process so it’s not something you ask for months after the client has witnessed your stellar service.
  • Use a standard covering letter in which you first thank the client for their custom and then follow it up by asking two or three specific questions that will be likely to give you great fodder for a testimonial.
  • Don’t forget to ask for written permission before publishing a testimonial, photo, logo or name in the public domain.
  • Use a writing service to conduct a telephonic interview with your busiest clients – they may not have time to type up something out of the blue, but will most likely have 5 minutes for a quick call that can be turned into a written testimonial that they can then just sign off.
  • Also use the writing service if language is a barrier as some people are simply not comfortable writing in a language they don’t speak well.
  • If you’re on a shoestring budget, find a friend who also needs testimonials and do a trade exchange. You can phone her clients and she can phone yours.
  • A last option, is to ask the client if you can write it for them – and then send it to them to edit and / or sign.


Now that you have displayed flattering testimonials with photographs of real live clients on your gorgeous website – don’t forget to send the link to your clients with a note of sincere appreciation.

Then post it on Facebook.  And LinkedIn.  And Twitter.  And so on.

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