Jetweb – SEARCH

1. Search

1.1. Jetweb shall make arrangements with the relevant networks in accordance with the agreed budget as indicated on the Cost Estimate.
1.2. The approved budget will be allocated over the duration of the campaign unless specified in writing by Client before the campaign goes live.

2. Campaign management and optimization

2.1. Jetweb reserves the right to evaluate campaign results and if necessary based on performance results reallocate, with client approval, to other platforms within the approved budget.
2.2. Jetweb will optimise the campaign, change keywords and ad copy to get the best results for Clients within the parameters of the approved Cost Estimate, without prior approval of the Client
2.3. Jetweb will scope out the required conversion tags for the Client’s websites to track the conversion point of a campaign. It is the Client’s responsibility to implement the conversion tags on Client’s websites. Once implemented Jetweb will QA tags. While Jetweb will endeavor to notify Clients timeously of tags being removed, Jetweb will not be liable if tags are removed by Client and conversion point cannot be tracked.
2.4. While Jetweb will take every precaution to ensure that keywords and ad-copy adheres to Googles AdWords policies and procedures, Jetweb shall not be held liable if the policies and procedures change and if these changes have a negative impact on the Client’s account.

3. Ownership of Google AdWords account and historical analytics

3.1. The My Client Centre (MCC) of Google Adwords belongs to Jetweb and is part of its agency search account set-up.
3.2. The keyword list and bidding optimisations belong to Jetweb
3.3. The Double Click Tagging and, if applicable, Remarketing Infrastructure belongs to Jetweb
3.4. Jetweb can provide the Client with the Double Click Raw Data upon the request of the Client, but due to Double Click limitations: data can only be retrieved for the immediately preceding 2-year period; and
3.5. Jetweb will charge the Client a handling fee. The amount of the fee will depend on the way the Client requires the raw data to be supplied.

4. Fees

4.1. In the event that the Client rejects or cancels any Cost Estimate which the Client has already approved, the Client shall pay to Jetweb a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the sum of that Cost Estimate.
4.2. Jetweb reserve the right to re-adjust the Net Search Spend, Estimated Tracking and Planning Fee within the Total Campaign budget if the estimated clicks were under accrued.
4.3. In the event that Jetweb becomes liable to pay any amount to the media owners as a result of a revision, cancellation or rejection by the Client, then Jetweb shall be entitled to recover that amount from the Client.
4.4. The Client shall pay the amount reflected on the invoice to Jetweb within 30 days from date of statement.
4.5. The Client shall make payment by electronic transfer or such other method as the Parties may agree from time to time.
4.6. The Client shall pay interest at prime overdraft rate plus 2% on any amounts outstanding longer than 30 days.

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