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3rd Apr 2017
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3rd Apr 2017

#Rio2016 – Trends and Takeouts

We’re halfway through #Rio2016, and what a sensational 10 days it’s been with so many long-standing records being smashed and so many young stars breaking new ground (here’s looking at you, Wayde van Niekerk). We took a look at some of the trends and takeouts dominating social media channels so far. 

What do the #Hashtags say?

Swimming has been big news this year, and trending global hashtags show it. With a combination of record-breaking wins by superhuman Michael Phelps, Simone Manuel becoming the first black woman to win an individual swim Gold and of course the trending swimsuit story by Buzzfeed, it’s no surprise that swimming was by far the most talked about Olympic sport last week.

Over the weekend, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey and Cycling caught up in social conversation.

And locally?

Data shows that South Africans seem to be more interested in soccer and rugby…not much of a surprise really.

Trending local hashtags


Who are the most talked about athletes?

Last night, Wayde van Niekerk astounded the world by breaking Michael Johnson’s 400m World Record. He’s the most talked about local athlete right now, with swimming champion Chad le Clos coming in at a close second.

And then there’s Luvo Manyonga, perhaps one of the most inspiring stories to come out of the Games this year. Manyonga has fought back from drug addiction and two years of being banned from the sport to win the Silver Medal  in men’s long jump – missing out on the Gold by only 1cm.

Globally, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps are breaking the Internet along with a whole bunch of records. Simone Biles is trending right alongside them – the petite American gymnast who is setting a standard the world has never seen before.

How are the sponsors doing at the halfway mark? Here’s a breakdown of social media mentions:

  • Adidas – 13,115 mentions
  • Nike – 9,191 mentions
  • Coca Cola – 12,697 (Re-tweeted the most locally @cocacola_za)
  • Visa – 5,310 mentions
  • Samsung – 2,664 mentions

Are people as active on social channels as they were over the London 2012 Olympics?

At the halfway mark, there is a grand total of 20.5 million posts contributing to the Olympics’ conversation.
That’s about an average of 14.3k posts per minute.
Over the full period of the London Olympics there were approximately 3 billion posts recordedLet’s see if we can catch up to that number before the Games come to an end.

What else is trending?

The 2016 USA Olympic Swimming Team Carpool Karaoke video is getting them some major publicity on social channels.

So here’s to all the inspiring Olympic athletes out there.
Thanks for reminding us that #anythingispossible.


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