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Make Google AdWords Work for Your Business

A well optimised Google AdWords campaign results in more qualified sales and leads for your pay per click marketing budget. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Far too many companies have lost money with poorly executed PPC campaigns. When used correctly, it is a fiercely powerful tool that equalises the online space. Smaller brands can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the largest companies in their sector and square up against the giants to compete for a greater market share.

While search engine optimisation lays the foundation of your website’s continued organic marketing success, pay per click marketing provides an instant and measurable returns on investment. A Google AdWords campaign is run on a Pay-Per-Click basis, which means a budget is stipulated and each time a user clicks on your advert, you pay a predetermined amount.

Quality Websites Save on PPC Fees

The amount that you pay per ad will vary based on the quality of your website, the quality of your ad and the popularity of the keywords that you choose to target. At Jetweb, we use our years of expertise in PPC marketing to setup and maintain your Google AdWords campaign.

Our dedicated team creates the required landing pages on your website, and we write the advertisements that appear in search pages. We also conduct all the required keyword research and keyword grouping, setting the platform for excellent returns on your investment.

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How Does Google Adwords Work?

Google Adwords are an instant gratification type of online traffic.

A campaign is run on a Pay Per Click basis (PPC). This means that a budget is loaded or stipulated and each time someone clicks on your advert, you pay a predetermined amount. The amount that you pay will vary based on the quality of your site, quality of your ad and popularity of the keyword with other Adwords users.

What Services Does Jetweb Offer?

Jetweb is able to setup and maintain your Google Adwords campaign. We will create the necessary landing pages on your site (if needed), we will write the advertisments that will appear in the search pages. We will do the necessary keyword research and keyword grouping. Jetweb will also provide a monthly report on the clicks and conversions (if the tracking code can be installed) so that you can track your ROI.

This is all done for you at a reasonable 15% management fee.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Google Adwords service, contact us!

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