1. The Marketing Cloud Services, being the social media monitoring, engagement and analysis services that are described in the online “how to” guide accessible at, as updated from time to time, and ordered by the Client from Jetweb, and that are made available by online via the customer login link at or other web pages designated by including any associated offline components.

2. By approving the Cost Estimate, the Client confirms that it has read and understood the terms and conditions relating to Jetweb’s provision of Social Listening Services, as set forth at, by which terms and conditions the Client agrees to be bound.

3. The Social Listening Services can only be terminated in terms of the agreement, if the termination is to take effect at the end of the Marketing Cloud Services subscription term or renewal period, whichever is applicable, referred to in the terms and conditions in

4. Fees:
4.1. The Client shall pay fees to Jetweb in respect of the Social Listening Services at the rates set out in and recorded in the Cost Estimate.
4.2. Should the mentions exceed the agreed number of mentions stipulated in the Cost Estimate, Jetweb will send an additional Cost Estimate for the additional costs.
4.3. In the event that the Client rejects or cancels any Cost Estimate which the Client has already approved, the Client shall pay to Jetweb forthwith:
4.3.1. the sum of any cancellation fees due to the Marketing Cloud Services provider; and
4.3.2. a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the sum of the fees for that.
4.3.3. In the event that Jetweb becomes liable to pay any amount to the Marketing Cloud Services provider as a result of a revision, cancellation or rejection by the Client in terms of 4.3.1, Jetweb shall be entitled to recover that amount from the Client in addition to the cancellation fees in 4.3.3.
4.4. Jetweb reserves the right to adjust its rates depending on exchange rate fluctuations and when our Marketing Cloud Services provider or adjusts its pricing models or product structures.
4.5. The Client shall pay the amount reflected on the invoice to Jetweb within 30 days from date of invoice for the year in advance.
4.6. The Client shall make payment by electronic transfer or such other method as the Parties may agree from time to time.
4.7. The Client shall pay interest at 2% per month on any amounts outstanding longer than 30 days from invoice date.

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