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The Evolution of Social Media

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If you aren’t on social media are you even living? Billions of people around the globe access social media every day. In fact, it is estimated that by 2018, 2.44 billion people will be using social networks. Not only do we connect with friends and family around the world, but we have access to information, news, and entertainment all at the touch of a button. Social media continues to grow and it’s not only changing how we communicate but it’s changing how we do business. In this blog we explore some of the ways social media has evolved and impacted the world and discuss how it can work for your business.

The Social Timeline

In 1997 the first modern social media network- Six Degrees was launched.  It allowed users to create a profile and to become friends with other users. In 2000 it was purchased for 125 million dollars and shut down in 2001.

Myspace launched in 2003, and by 2006 had become the most popular social network in the world. This platform was unique in that it allowed users to customize their space using wallpapers, videos and music. LinkedIn was also founded in 2003 and was one of the first social networks devoted to business.

2004 Saw the launch of Facebook, however it didn’t show growth until 2006, when over 1 million new users signed up every week. That was 200,000 daily, totalling over 50 million active users.

Twitter launched in 2006, and gained a lot of popularity in 2007. Alongside Instagram which launched in 2010, both have remained popular social networks since.

Charity on steroids

Whether it’s a Tweet, a status update or a photo, we are constantly made aware of different issues around the world via social media. We can be actively involved and make a difference no matter where in the world we are. Campaigns like the ALS ice bucket challenge and the more recent ACLU campaign both saw millions of dollars in donations made through social networks.

“It is far easier now to do something remarkable, noticeable and have it reach people across the planet than it had at any other time in history.”- Unknown.

Social Celebrities

Social media has created a whole new breed of famous. Beauty vloggers, Lisa Elridge and Kandee Johnson and baking genius Cupcake Jemma have over 6 million subscribers to their channels.  All over the world users have the opportunity to share their creativity and gain a good fortune from it.

Business on Social

Whether you’re an avid user, you’re for it or against it, there is no denying the many ways that social media has influenced the world over the years. Businesses have an opportunity to tell their brand story in a different way and connect and actively engage with their consumers on a more personal level. Social networks allow businesses to amplify their messages in a way never thought possible. Real time interaction allows companies to create better customer service journeys and a sense of brand loyalty amongst their consumers.

Jetweb has a team of social gurus that specialise in social media strategies, content creation and page management. Come chat to us, we will show you how social media can be an invaluable tool for your business, and get you connected with your customers.


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By: Stephanie Lodewyk- Social Media Manager, Jetweb

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