1. Display Media

1.1. When the Client approves the Cost Estimate, it will serve as an authorization for Jetweb to sign off Insertion Orders and make written commitments to media owners for placements as detailed in the Cost Estimate
1.2. Jetweb will make every effort to ensure that targeted placements do not appear on sites that are deemed “unfit” for the Client’s audience but cannot be held responsible if for whatever reason, they do.

2. Trafficking & Reporting

2.1. Jetweb will scope out the required conversion tags for the Client’s websites to track the conversion point of a campaign. It is the Client’s responsibility to implement the conversion tags on Client’s websites. Once implemented Jetweb will QA tags. While Jetweb will endeavor to notify Clients timeously of tags being removed, Jetweb will not be liable if tags are removed by Client and conversion point cannot be tracked. The Client must notify Jetweb if the Client makes any changes to their website so that Jetweb can check that the tags are still working.
2.2. Client must ensure that their Website Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions are up to date to include remarketing terms. A copy of the suggested Privacy Policy can be obtained from your Account Manager

3. Fees

3.1. The Client shall pay fees to Jetweb in respect of the Display Media at the rates outlines in the Cost Estimate.
3.2. In the event that the Client requires Jetweb to revise the Cost Estimate, then the first three revisions thereof shall be at no additional cost to the Client, but thereafter in addition to the fees stipulated in Cost Estimate, the Client shall pay to Jetweb a revision fee equal to 10% of the sum of the fees for the Cost Estimate, as the case may be.
3.3. The detailed placements outlined in the Cost Estimate are subject to 48-hour approval, otherwise rates and inventory cannot be guaranteed and might have to be re-planned.
3.4. Jetweb undertake not to exceed the financial commitment authorized in the Cost Estimate.
3.5. Jetweb shall furnish the Client with an off VAT invoice at the end of each month of the campaign, recording in South African Rands the fees payable by the Client to Jetweb for Display Media.
3.6. The Client shall pay the amount reflected on the invoice to Jetweb within 30 days from date of statement (in respect of placements in the media in South Africa) and immediately on receipt thereof (in respect of placements in international media).
3.7. The Client shall make payment by electronic transfer or such other method as the Parties may agree from time to time.
3.8. The Client shall pay interest at prime overdraft rate plus 2% on any amounts outstanding longer than 30 days.

4. Revision or Cancellation

4.1. In the event that the Client rejects or cancels any Cost Estimate which the Client has already approved, the Client shall pay to Jetweb a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the sum of that Cost Estimate.
4.2. In the event that Jetweb becomes liable to pay any amount to a media owner as a result of a revision, cancellation or rejection by the Client in terms of 3.2 or 4, then Jetweb shall be entitled to recover that amount from the Client.

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