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One of the biggest wins of the digital age is the ability to access data directly from target consumers through analyzing their digital footprint. Brands stand to greatly benefit from using our services, they are inclusive of comprehensive marketing campaign reports that track consumer behaviour through conducting a web traffic analysis.

Our team of digital marketing analysts and campaign managers are well versed in advanced web marketing analytics and techniques, therefore gathering data that informs on opportunities brands can seize. Predicting and understanding customer behavior helps brands make informed decisions when drawing up a digital marketing strategy that’s to yield great results.


Campaign Reporting

A marketing campaign report is important because it tracks the results of the digital strategy executed by our highly skilled team of campaign managers. They provide comprehensive reports that break down the response of target consumers, measure ROI and find areas for improvements based on data gathered from consumers.

Customer Retention Optimization

Research states that it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. This is why its important to have a customer retention optimization strategy from the Jetweb team. We do a data analysis to find out what makes your existing customers tick and give recommendations on what approach should be used to maintain healthy relationships with them.

Google Analytics

Our effective google analytics reports provide insight on the performance of campaigns, content and products that are spread out into the market. This information is vital in creating targeted and successful marketing strategies that will enhance customer relations and attract new clientele.

Campaign Management

Digital marketing campaigns are an excellent way to drive engagement from new and existing customers. Our team of digital marketing analysts focus on ensuring that our client’s goals are met through planning, developing, managing and tracking conversions, traffic and engagement.

Benefits of Data & Analytics

Gathered data can be used to build client relations and meet expectations

Consumers have become vocal about what they expect from brands, they especially enjoy brands with a human feel that can respond to them in real time. This leads to customer retention optimization, contributes positively to word of mouth on and offline and therefore attracts new customers who want in on the good and advanced service from the brand. Brands can also have a more personalized approach when communicating with consumers, our campaign managers strive to seamlessly build rapport between brand and client.

Seizing opportunities through access to information about consumer needs

Brands don’t have to guess what consumers are doing, what they like, don’t like about their offerings or how users experience and maneuver around their websites. We empower brands with this information through data collected by our marketing campaign managers by using google analytics. These have a positive impact on targeted marketing campaigns aimed at attracting new customers and developing customer retention strategies.

Data helps brands keep up with the times

The 21st century is characterized by constant change, consumers therefore expect brands to keep up with advancements and constantly improve on their offerings. Our online campaign management team gathers data from third party platforms that have publicized information about consumer thoughts and opinions to stay current. This informs on how brands can manage client expectations and outdo competitors.

Data helps brands to constantly enhance consumer experience

Poor online client relations can have a negative impact on sales and brand loyalty, this digital age has created brand accessibility for consumers. Our digital marketing analysts are passionate about creating an online presence for brands that leaves their consumers feeling heard through excellent online client relations.

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