11th Jun 2019

The SEO Superhero has landed!

Technical SEO Is A Necessity Not an Option Technical SEO is a very important phase […]
20th Oct 2017
Social Media Company | Jetweb

The Evolution of Social Media

If you aren’t on social media are you even living? Billions of people around the […]
20th Oct 2017
SEO Company | Search Engine Optimisation | Jetweb

Search Engine Optimization is bringing home the bacon!

Did you know that over 2 million blog posts are published each day? That means […]
6th Oct 2017
Online Marketing | Mobile Advertising | Jetweb

The significance of mobile marketing – Does your marketing strategy measure up?

With 68% of the world’s population on mobile daily, mobile marketing is a significant slice […]
18th Aug 2017
Influencer Marketing | Online Marketing | Social Media | Jetweb Digital Agency

Five FAQ’s about influencer marketing

Influencer marketing (IM), undeniably the industry buzzword of the time – multi-faceted, complex, and ever-evolving. […]
29th Jun 2017
360 Photos South Africa | 360 Views SA | Jetweb Street View

Get Your Business on the Map with Google 360 Street View.

23rd Jun 2017
Internet Safety | Online Marketing | Digital Agency | Jetweb

Internet Safety of South Africa’s Youth Deteriorating

Social listening expert provides statistics and tips to improve the situation The safety of South […]
10th May 2017

The top 3 questions clients ask about Social Media

  Social Media has become a main marketing and customer service channel for brands. With […]
3rd Apr 2017

Social Media: The essential market research tool

Market research can be costly. It can also be so time-consuming that the results are […]
3rd Apr 2017

What do Instagram’s feed updates mean for your business?

Instagram recently announced that it will soon be changing the way that content is displayed […]
3rd Apr 2017

5 Tips For A Winning Social Media Strategy

Our Head of Business Solutions and Strategy, Bianca Quinn-Diavastos, shares her advice on creating a […]
3rd Apr 2017

Facebook tactics: Is your Brand Awareness strategy still relevant?

Are you still using onsite metrics and engagement rates to drive and measure brand awareness […]
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